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What is EDCA?

The English Dance Callers Association (EDCA) was formed by a group of callers to offer support and development to existing club callers. Our aim is to help callers perform to the best of their abilities in order to improve the experience for dancers and callers at our clubs.

Meet the Team

  • Victoria Yeomans

Pilot Course

EDCA has created a pilot course for callers of both English and American dance, starting in the new year, to be held in the East Midlands. The pilot course will have 6 sessions arranged as a full day once a month on a Saturday or Sunday. If successful, we intend to seek national funding to enable us to offer the course more widely – perhaps in multiple locations at once.

Find out more on our Pilot Course page.

We wish to acknowledge the help we have been given in designing this course by the Stafford Callers’ Forum.

Another group, Mercian Folk, is doing similar work in Worcester and the West Midlands. Contact Brian Stanton brian “at” the-stantons.uk for more information.

How can you help?

  • Nominate a caller.
  • Sponsor our efforts
  • Tell us what calling skills are most valuable in your club and what outcomes you would hope to see from this venture.
  • This is an exciting opportunity to participate in the grassroots development of what will become a national rollout programme. We hope that you can see its potential to promote and develop our dance community to increase enjoyment and participation for current and future generations.